Holstee - Upcycled Wallet Adx
Created for Holstee, a Brooklyn-based lifestyle goods company, to promote their UpCycled Wallet. Holstee wanted to show that most of us stuff our wallets to the gills with unnecessary items, overcomplicating our lives. Like with so many things, we should simplify our experience instead. I chose to relay this message with lively animation and music.
Students For Environmental Action (SEA)x
When I came to Quinnipiac I noticed that there was something missing - environmental awareness and activism. The student body was largely apathetic to the issue. I decided to take a risk and start an organization to fill this void and create a green community at QU. The organization became known as Students for Environmental Action. I spent months in the planning stages, seeking a strategy that would best help me fulfill my goals. It is during that stage that I created this logo. Two years down the road, I was successful at making SEA one of the most active organizations on campus, with about 50 members and over a dozen projects. This year Quinnipiac recognized us as the "Best New Organization."
Letterpressed: Holstee Manifestox
This video I shot, directed, and edited gives a behind-the-scenes look at the letterpress printing process of making the famous Holstee Manifesto poster.
QU Chronicle - Campus Couturex
When I first joined the Quinnipiac Chronicle, the editor-in-chief handed me a copy of the paper and asked to go through the entire issue and see if there is anything there I would think needs improvement. Almost immediately I pointed out 'Campus Couture,' a weekly section that was meant to chronicle the latest fashion trends at the university, however, it was black and white, had a boring font, and included photos that were taken in a rush. I revitalized the section by creating a new design and taking on the duties of doing the weekly photography. The effort payed off. We received a lot of great feedback online, including emails from people requesting to have themselves or their friends be featured in the section, as well as from talking to the students face to face. The editor-in-chief, the paper's advisor, and much of the eboard agreed that the section became one of the most popular in the newspaper.
Holstee - Agent99 Introductionx
Holstee brought me on in the summer of 2011 to promote their brand values. It was a tall order, as I was about to represent the Holstee Manifesto, the company's poster that spread virally to reach over 50 million people. In order to kickstart the project and introduce the persona of AGENT99, a man tasked with completing 99 risks in 99 days, to thousands of Holstee's fans I decided to create a video could sum up the fun spirit of the brand, the project, and the risks to come. For more info on AGENT99, check out the Experience section of my site.
SEA's Recycling Monthx
I wrote and produced this short video in order to promote SEA's Recycling Month. We had 30 days ahead of us, packed full of projects that encouraged students to reduce their waste and increase the amount that they recycle. We wanted to present the hard-to-swallow facts about the way our society's waste habits affect the ecology of the planet, but at the same time we did not wish to overwhelm the students with too dark of a tone, as well as make the video personal to the university. The beautiful cinematography and editing was done by Austin Hopkins.
Holstee - Today Show Appearancex
One of the risks Holstee tasked me with was to get their brand on television. It was as simple and open-ended as that. I ended up crafting a plan to get us some impromptu airtime on the Today Show with Ann Curry.
Jif Peanut Butter Adx
This ad was part of a semester-long project to design and introduce a fictional new product to the market for my Product & Pricing marketing class at Quinnipiac University. While I was not the mad genious who came up with the idea of the product (a similar version of which has recently been submitted for a patent by some guys from NCSU), I was the one who created the copy, design, and photography for this ad.
Holstee - Cubby Frame Promox
Holstee was excited to introduce a new wooden frame to its vendors. I created this video to make a short and sweet introduction to the product.
Holstee - Making-Of Burning Man Manifestox
I painted this 11'x7' poster by hand, only to have it burn down three weeks later while hanging on the main temple of the world-famous Burning Man Festival. I say the arduous work was totally worth it!
Quinnipiac Chronicle - "This Is My Life" Page Layoutx
I created the photography and layout design for this 'This is My Life' page, another popular section in the Quinnipiac Chronicle.
SEA Meme Adsx
That's right. Memes.
I created this campaign back when memes were just on the cusp of exploding into mainstream popularity. We used these ads, as well as many others, in print and online through a Facebook Advertising campaign. Yes, we actually spent money on getting these out to the world, and it worked great! Quinnipiac students (whom we targeted precisely with Facebook's advertising tools) loved the idea and found them hilarious, getting us tons of hits. We were also the first to implement this idea at the univeristy, only to be copied by a number of organizations later.
SEA - Do It In The Darkx
For SEA's first project, we decided to go big or go home. We chose to do a school-wide competition to reduce energy usage, that involved every dorm building on both of Quinnipiac University's campuses, in order to build conservation habits among the students and raise awarness to the effects of using fossil-fuels on our planet's climate. The Do It In The Dark initiative saved 23,000 kWh’s of electricity over a three week period, enough to power an entire neighborhood for a month! These two poster designs were part of an integrated promotional campaign that included pr, social media, video, print, radio, email, events, and branded products.
Quinnipiac Chronicle - "Mechanics of A No-Hitter"x
I collaborated on the design of this page in the Quinnipiac Chronicle with Matt Eisenberg and Lenny Neslin. Together we shared an honorable mention for layout design from the Connecticut Society of Professional Journalists (which also awarded me with a 1st and 3rd place for photography work for the newspaper).

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